1. 6 Feet Under The Vendettas 3:32

The Vendettas return with their new single titled ‘6 Feet Under’, via Golden Robot Records. Continuing on the strength of their previous album ‘The Vendettas III‘, we get that sweet sound of solid original guitar-based rock that we so desperately need in this waning time of quarantine. That initial thought I think whenever I hear something new from The Vendettas is ‘thank god there is music like this’. Raw and accessible, we get anthemic stadium music meant for the stage and played like a party.

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The Vendettas

The Vendettas have been a part of Melbourne’s rock scene for over 10 years, mastering their craft to every beer soaked wall and sticky floor the town has to offer.

In more recent times, the boys spent almost a year writing vigorously and tightening the ‘pre-prod’ screws, before hitting the studio hard to record their latest album The Vendettas III, released in 2021 via Golden Robot Records.

These studio sessions were all captured live and raw, with one main objective in mind – to produce a piece of audio that represents what the band sounds like in the flesh, with all dials cranked to 11.

The Vendettas have moved from strength to strength, securing their first international support with Danko Jones (Canada), while continuing to build their presence in the local scene, doing what they love, belting out rock ‘n’ roll.

The Vendettas are poised and ready to attack the ears of all you rock fiends, near and far…