Jayne Doe, a.k.a Sidney Agudong, has today released her new single titled ‘Welcome to Hollywood’. The song, early on, well than more proves it’s worth in regards to songwriting. It grabs that listener instantly with subtle musical innuendo and harmony with a slow build to a glorious crescendo that feels as much a cinematic experience as it does a song. This is how music should be when it comes to grabbing you by the feels and never letting go. Even long after that first listen. But you will want to listen again, because the music is here for you.

It describes my own adversity and experience with pursuing my dreams and it is more of a metaphor for everyone and what it means to put your health and heart out on the line without knowing what the future holds at any point in time “Hollywood’ is glamourized as a place where people can be whoever they want to be and live out their wildest dreams, but no one ever talks about the thousands and thousands of rejections and thoughts of giving up and giving in to one of those critics or “no’s” that tell you it’ll never happen, whether you or someone else is the critic themselves. No one talks about the mental strength and sacrifice it takes to make a dream come true.

Jayne Doe (Sydney Agudong)

About Jayne Doe (Sydney Agudong)

Born and raised in Hawai’i, 21 year old, Sydney Agudong, made her first on-stage debut at 18 months old, and knew that’s where she belonged.

The multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar, ukulele) spent her childhood years singing in local talent shows and competitions, receiving awards and recognition at every stop. At 10, Sydney wrote and recorded her first original song called “I’m So Sorry” that was later played and requested on local Hawaiian radio stations.

Sydney moved to Los Angeles to continue her life as a musician and as an actress. Sydney Agudong is now ready to introduce her new musical persona to the world – Jayne Doe, with the release of her first single, “Welcome to Hollywood,” a metaphor for what it means to live in the glamorous “city of stars and angels,” the process of rejections, and the mental strength and sacrifice it takes to make a dream come true.

Sydney Agudong, AKA Jayne Doe, is working on reshaping her musical persona with the name Jayne Doe, taking a twist on the known phrase “Jane Doe”, and reinventing it as a girl shamelessly trying to find out who she is and where she belongs in an effort to normalize the fear we all have of the unknown. Sydney is collaborating with Al Machera, a music industry veteran that engineered the famous “Salt N Pepa” and co-founded Westlake Recording Studios, a highly utilized and respected recording company known best for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Album. Al is helping Sydney bring her musical world to life, as she joined him under his new Westlake branch publishing company called Fr8 Train Media Group (a publishing company that creates and licenses songs for film, television, promotional material, and song placement). She also collaborates with other successful artists, writers, and producers on their projects as well as sync licensing, some that are currently in development.

When she’s not in the studio and out performing, Sydney is quickly developing her on-screen credits in TV and film. She shot a lead role in her first feature film titled, “West Michigan,” and booked a recurring guest star role on Netflix’s “On My Block”.

Sydney, aka Jayne Doe, is in the process of developing an album and writing songs as she continues to build far beyond her “Welcome to Hollywood.”