Oliver Beardmore has today released his new single titled ‘Not Sinking, Yet Floating’. Fitting nicely, stylistically, between shoegaze, dream-pop and truly unbiased independent, Oliver cuts through the ambiance and sounds signature with a song that captivates the mood and soothes the savage into submission by slowly embracing the soul that is the song in a way that only he can. Play this with the loop engaged and close your eyes. You will emerge a better person. A true and diverse addition to a growing repertoire.

About Oliver Beardmore

Oliver Beardmore made his lyrical ambition known at a young age with a trio of singles in 2017 and 2018 that drew comparisons to the songwriting of indie staples Alex Turner and Noel Gallagher.

After a hiatus from the studio, Oliver returned in 2020 with a step into a new sonic direction with ‘Fiesta’, the lead single from his debut EP. With this move, Oliver placed himself at the end of a more avant-garde lineage, inspired by shoegaze and dream pop royalty Cocteau Twins, my bloody valentine, and Slowdive whilst retaining a melodic sensibility more akin to Lana Del Rey or Mazzy Star.

After ‘Fiesta’, Oliver released the second single from the new EP ‘With the Heavens on Your Side’. This was met with even greater critical and commercial acclaim than ‘Fiesta’ and has been a staple of his prolific live performances in Birmingham and London ever since.

The final single, released on January 14th, will be the titular ‘Not Sinking, Yet Floating’, a chiming anthem about the mental toing and froing that ensues after drawing a line in the sand with someone, and the doubt that follows regarding whether the haze has lifted, or the fog has descended.

Oliver Beardmore has received critical praise from the likes of Dave Rowntree of Blur, as well as extensive Spotify and radio attention. This includes national and international airplay from the likes of BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Hertz 87.9 and FREQUENCE 7.