Johan Lenox has today released his new video for the track titled ‘No One Gets Me’ featuring RMR, from his new album titled ‘What Do You Want To Be When You Grow U’.

The beautiful duo between these two artists feels electric in all of the right places while the song flies sonically under the radar just enough to feel elegant under a banner proclaiming what we all feel inside; unincluded, misunderstood, and alone.

This, to me makes the song and video a collaborative beacon. A beacon of hope, love, understanding, and sympathy. What is normal, but a label for the unobtainable.

About Johan Lenox

“No One Gets Me” is the latest track from WDYWTBWYGU (short for “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up”), Johan’s debut album. It’s an opulently arranged set of pop and hip-hop songs held together by Johan’s auto-tune croon and his observations on dashed hopes, adult shortcomings, and exactly how much he can really shift the blame away from himself for his disappointments. There’s no guitar, no synth — just woodwinds, strings, brass, vocals, and programmed drums, arranged via musical notation.

Johan already counts Kanye West, Finneas and Lil Nas X as fans and collaborators. Let me know if you’re down to cover “No One Gets Me” or want to learn more about Johan’s forthcoming record.