YAQI has today released her new video for the track titled ‘I’m On It’, in collaboration with the luxury clothing brand Private Policy. A suave mix of electropop, urban, and groove, YAQI kicks the beat and bass into the jam to produce a audio smooth and rhythmically fresh track that gives goosebumps to the glitter and fuel for the fashion.

About YAQI

With feisty, honest lyrics and an unrestrained vocal sensibility, set against edgy electro pop, YAQI is a rare gem among international artists. Launching onto the pop scene in China with 2016’s award-winning single, “Summer Bala,” she left the patriarchy of a traditional Chinese household to pursue her career in America.

Embodying all that a woman can accomplish when stepping into the spotlight, YAQI has continued to navigate personal reinvention and ongoing racism, and has overcome various stereotypes. With a deep understanding of the inequity, struggle and pain of young immigrants, she is committed to inspiring other young women to step into the fullness of who they are as she blasts onto the pop scene in America with lead single, “I’m On It.”

As an artist on the verge of a major breakout, YAQI’s flavorful artistry has led to a foray into acting and fashion. She unveils her fashion-music-dance video later this month, with new singles, “Imma Do Me” and “Daisies” to follow.