1. Sanctuary John Leslie Hulcombe 5:21

John Leslie Hulcombe is set to release his new single titled ‘Sanctuary’ tomorrow. John is an artist who just lets his music flow out upon the world. Pure and simple. Introspection from an introvert, ‘Sanctuary’ provides solace within the music and subtlety within the song. Angelic vocals and a weathered voice give a sound of majestic meets mortality within a song that sounds like a concept.

About John Leslie Hulcombe

Starting off his year on an incredibly strong note with the release of “Sanctuary”, John Leslie Hulcombe is storming into 2022 with a hit. Read on for a closer look at the track, as well as a refresher on this always talented artist.

Whenever John puts out new music, the first thing you’ll be able to sense is the genuine love and passion that goes into it. His newest release “Sanctuary” stays true to that mold in the sense that he has crafted together a somewhat ethereal and introspective sound that is not only sonically vibrant but paired with lyricism that makes you slow down and listen to his story. Like always, we’re going to highly recommend you give this one a focused listen.

After a successful collaboration on John’s previous track, fellow Australian Peter Koppes is back weaving his special brand of guitar magic, including orchestral and Gregorian chant effects. Peter is best known for his long association with iconic band The Church.

We can definitely sit here and describe with a general atmospheric feeling, but honestly right from the get-go “Sanctuary” sucks the listener into its 5-minute runtime and holds you steady until the final moments. His vocals give off a serious nature in the message and life feels like it slows down for a bit.

While we loved “Born of the Fire” and “Love Found a Way”, this has shown off a hidden aspect of John’s artistic abilities in the form of song composition. That’s not to say anything was glaring wrong with the others, because we loved them too, but the structure of “Sanctuary” is where its true talents lie. It doesn’t stick to a particular format and ultimately gives off that emotion that makes you want to sit back and let it all happen to you. Once again, we think he’s headed in the right direction and surely 2022 is going to be the best year yet for everything else that’s hopefully set to come.