1. Deeper Sleeper Jules Maxwell 0:30
  2. Sally Breathe Jules Maxwell 0:30
  3. If You Must Go Jules Maxwell 0:30
  4. Buttonwillow Jules Maxwell 0:30
  5. The Warmth Of Him Jules Maxwell 0:30
  6. A Rose On The Road Jules Maxwell 0:30
  7. Horace Pippin Said Jules Maxwell 0:30

Jules Maxwell has released his new album titled ‘Cycles’. The album shows the dark and atmospheric combination of composer and songwriter infused within Jules as this album is all about the mood set within the music. Sounding part experimental and part darkly obscure, ‘Cycles’ concentrates more on the emotion of the notes and how they can illicit more feeling than any words can if done right. This is music as a concept. Sometimes we need a reminder of the power of music.

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About Jules Maxwell

Jules Maxwell is a multi-instrumentalist composer and songwriter. He plays keyboards for Australian band Dead Can Dance and in May 2021 released a critically acclaimed album with Lisa Gerrard, entitled Burn.

In 2021 he also released Nocturnes on Archangelo Recordings – a beautifully melancholic collection of instrumental pieces, much of it written in collaboration with the acclaimed UK dance company Vincent Dance Theatre.

He composed 4 songs for Le Mystére des Voix Bulgares 2018 album Boocheemish and the song First of July which appeared on Foy Vance’s debut album Hope. Jules has also collaborated with Duke Special on numerous recordings, shows and projects including the 2009 National Theatre production of Mother Courage directed by Deborah Warner.

He has worked often with acclaimed theatre artist Mark Storor on projects at London’s Roundhouse as well as in ice cream vans, warehouses and schools.

His work at Shakespeare’s Globe, includes the 2016 production of The Merchant of Venice starring Jonathan Pryce and the 2017 production of Boudica starring Gina McKee.

He has created modern dance soundtracks for Wayne McGregor, Cathy Marston, Vincent Dance Theatre, Bern Ballet, Skanes Dansteater Malmö, Jasmin Vardimon and Candoco Dance Company and in 2019 his debut full length opera The Lost Thing was presented by the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

He has released 5 albums of his own eclectic material over the years and in 2022 will be releasing a second volume of piano instrumentals entitled Cycles on the Ghost Palace label.

Jules Maxwell is originally from Ireland but currently lives in London with his wife and young son.