Katja Glieson has today released her new video for the single titled ‘Better View’. Sci-Fi finds it’s beat and rhythm in a video that is both stylish and soulful. Finding one’s sound can be a hard thing for an artist. Katja has that. She is successfully making herself a brand. And that is what all artists should do. Become that certain something to the listener.

The video has all the right characteristics to make itself signature. A piece of Katja’s music. A part of her. Just enough story to accentuate the song. Making the song the main focus by becoming a part of the music. Giving us a better view so we get a better listen.

About Katja Glieson

“Better View” follows Katja Glieson’s previously released singles with themes of resisting the impulse to fall into unrequited love. This track, however, features more of the artist’s storytelling ability. The music video, directed by Katja herself, is described by Glieson as “Romeo and Juliet in space,” and depicts the artist aboard a spaceship with her lover. After facing obstacles with a long-time lover, she makes the impetuous decision to quickly shut the door on the relationship before any contemplation on a resolution. It takes the effort of being away to realize an alternative perspective in building empathy. Glieson credits her storytelling to expanding her appreciation of the high joys in life, particularly in an industry of gratifications.

Katja Glieson, born and raised in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, has always looked to the deepest parts of her soul for musical inspiration. She is committed to writing lyrics to express her story of years struggling with bullying, obesity, and abuse. “A lot of my ideas are based on a version of reality — a reality that I have myself lived or observed,” Glieson reflects. “I want people to feel like they can relate to my stories.” Her music is seen to be brutally honest, progressive, shimmer-pop. Inspired by a wide range of tuneful vocal styles from the likes of Lady Gaga to Bette Midler, Glieson integrates her art to create engaging, innovative content outside of the music industry. A digital creator on multiple platforms with millions of followers, Glieson was a finalist for TikToker of the Year in the fan-voted Shorty Awards.

Katja Glieson is an authentic singer-songwriter with a passion for vividly expressing her emotions through storytelling. Her single “Better View” eloquently displays the energy that she has continually used to gain traction with younger audiences in skits and smoothly transitions to her dream of elevating her creativity in music.