Lisa Canny has today released her new single titled ‘Medicine’. Stripped to the bone musically and exposing that bleeding and earnest heart of a poet, ‘Medicine’ delves into an emotionally dark side of human interaction that we all experience. Some of us cave in. Some of us break out. But, what we find in the end is our character. This song is a soundtrack to that character and, hopefully finds you well and at peace. Honesty is the best therapy and, while these lyrics may sting like peroxide, they heal with time. As the song says: stay true to yourself.

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About Lisa Canny

The self-described “disgrace to the tradition”, folk singer Lisa Canny is one of a kind. With tracks that range from hard-hitting, banjo-driven bangers to looping harp and 3-part harmony arrangements, her most recent single ‘Medicine’ is striking out as a brutally honest acoustic ballad. The track is much like a parallel universe to her recent single, the punchy, energetic ‘Know It All’, ‘Medicine’s mellow guitar melodies instead lulling the listener into a gentle acoustic experience with beautiful vocal harmonies and Canny’s staple banjo and harp backing.

Discussing the release, the Irish multi-instrumentalist explains: “‘Medicine’ is about when somebody comes into your life and uses your healing energy to heal themselves, in turn leaving you depleted and without enough for yourself. Because of the caring nature of women, we often get used by men in this way, particularly vulnerable men. But it can happen to all openhearted people. It’s sad, but should remind the openhearted to stay true to themselves – as they deserve, and will find, better.”

Lisa Canny consistently delivers a diverse spectrum of sounds that can be difficult to categorise and put her in a class of her own. She fuses her roots in traditional folk with elements of pop, R&B, and electronica, with her work previously being dubbed “A Masterpiece” by Timeout Magazine.

Not only making a name for herself as a singer-songwriter but also as a live performer, Lisa having previously sold out London’s infamous Jazz Café – not to mention a 26-date European tour. After being discovered at a show in LA by Miles Copeland (The Police, CIA Records), she was quickly signed to her first publishing deal and has never looked back. You can next catch this rising talent as she launches her new E.P. project FOLK+ with a fully-immersive live experience on 1 June at The Old Church, London.