1. Paparazzi Sniper Rogue Proxy 4:02

Rogue Proxy is a genre-defying, electro-grooving, high-energy rocking duo from Canada described as the illegitimate love child between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk. A new flavour of rock!

Naturally driven guitar tones, phat bass grooves, pumping punchy drums and creative, multi-styled vocals are at the core of Rogue Proxy’s signature sound filled with memorable melodies and iconic riffs.

The Rogue Proxy icon is more than an image but is the alter-ego and ‘artificial intelligence’ behind the music and most importantly, the face of all visual media through wild, animated and entertaining must see videos and memes on social media. Pump The Hype ‘Join the Fight and See the Light! Pump! Pump! Pump! Pump the Hype!

Two childhood friends from Canada reunited to produce a new rocking and grooving sound blending vintage tones and styles with modern production techniques. While working on perfecting their sound, tube amps were overdriven to their limits, compressors were hit way too hard and saturation was pushed too high into the red. Things got out of control and a freak accident occurred … something unknown appeared … it hacked itself into the session … it took over all production … it developed an integration to an energy never seen before!!! They called it Rogue Proxy, and with it was born a new flavor of rock!

Rogue Proxy became their conduit to transmit sound, energy and visual wildness. ‘Rogue’ does not follow rules or formulas during songwriting and production, but instead is driven by an ever evolving artificial intelligence and complex algorithm with the one goal to produce a new genre-defying, exciting sound and musical experience.

Though it is impossible to pigeon-hole Rogue Proxy’s music from song to song, it has been described as the illegitimate love child between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk, growing up as a rebellious teen influenced by everything from Black Sabbath to Massive Attack to Jimi Hendrix to Jamiroquai and more. Rogue’s algorithm will continue to go beyond, push through boundaries and generate the unexpected in the future

SOURCE: Official Bio