On the back of a summer filled with festivals and live shows, Libertino are delighted to announce Los Blancos’ second single from their eagerly anticipated second album. ‘Ffuglen Wyddonol’ (Science Fiction in English) finds our garage, slacker punk heroes in a reflective yet gloriously raggedy and joyous place. With its call and response and ‘punky’ group vocals, Los Blancos yet again reveal over ‘Ffuglen Wyddonol’ exuberant 2.15 minutes that they are the kings of capturing deep emotion and marrying it to the most vital and instinctively honest ‘rock and roll’.

The band adds: “‘Ffuglen Wyddonol’ is a song born from an deep appreciation of America’s west coast surf pop. It’s a love letter to someone very close and dear, trying to lift them from the free-fall of self-destruction by using a creative outlet. Based on personal experience, the lively and uplifting groove of the song is a tool to achieve this.”

Los Blancos effortlessly blend their distinct brand of slacker rock, (influenced by Pavement, Velvet Underground, Nirvana, Neil Young, BJM) with a touch of welsh magic.

Their debut album “Sbwriel Gwyn” was shortlisted for both the Welsh Music Prize, and Albwm Cymraeg y Flwyddyn at the Eisteddfod, in a year that also saw them awarded the Triskel Award. Los Blancos have become a driving force in the Welsh music scene, their music captures the essence of laid-back vibes, intertwining melodic hooks with a rugged edge.

Los Blancos have made their mark on the radio circuit, with their tunes resonating on Radio Wales, Radio Cymru, Radio 6, and Radio 1. Their infectious sound has captivated audiences far and wide, proving that good music knows no linguistic barrier.

SOURCE: Official Bio