Quiet Marauder have released their new single titled ‘Momma Mia! I Made You Some Sangria!’ off of their upcoming album ‘Introducing Malcom Del Monte’, dropping October 27, 2023, via Bubblewrap Collective.

As tongue twisting as the title is, the song makes it memorable and even one of those songs that stays with you a while without becoming annoying like something from Journey or Psy.

Happy go lucky as the song glides along in your mind with a kick the can attitude and jingle jangle without the mangle way about it, ‘Momma Mia! I Made You Some Sangria!’ lets summer stick around for another month as we have some fun with our music without the politics, or anything else distracting, get in the way. Press play and enjoy yourself for once.

About Quiet Marauder

Cardiff-based, DIY-folk-pop collective, Quiet Marauder, are set to release their 5th album at the end of October 2023. This follows on from their madcap 111-song debut album, MEN (2013), as well as the more recent Tiny Men Parts (2020) and The Gift (2021), and continues their long-established relationship both with their label, Bubblewrap Collective, and Canadian collaborators, The Burning Hell.

Recorded in a Snowbird Studios pop-up in Lourinha, Portugal, Introducing Malcolm Del Monte continues the band’s fascination with high concepts and musical, album-length storytelling. At its core, it is an album about self-identity, isolation, and our innate fluctuations as human beings. Set during the pandemic, the album’s a very loosely autobiographical (read: almost entirely false) account of band leader Simon M. Read’s day-to-day life during Covid lockdowns with partner, Kadesha Drija, and imaginary friend, Malcolm Del Monte.

Choosing to largely avoid the topic of the pandemic altogether, Introducing Malcolm Del Monte instead charts the highs and lows of these living arrangements. These range from outrageous daytime drinking (high) to disagreements on the nature of perversion (low), with the first half of the album covering Malcolm’s emergence and ultimate expulsion from the house. With his absence being sorely felt, the second half sheds light on the alternative voices looking to fill that Malcolm-shaped space: a murderous green giant; a despondent Milk Tray Man; and a broken-necked, hypersexual Jet from Gladiators.

As with their previous story-based albums, the foreground narratives act to enable background allusions to other core concerns: the power of nostalgia; advertising and cultural consumption; well-being and isolation; balancing acts of the self. Ultimately, the album’s message is of striking a balance between self-questioning and improvement, and most of all, not being too hard on yourself when things don’t feel quite right.

Sonically and seamlessly ranging from alt-folk to industrial synth to melodic indie-pop, Introducing Malcolm Del Monte covers a lot of ground. Injected with the musicality of Quiet Marauder themselves, as well as Canadian kindred spirits, The Burning Hell, instrumentation includes flute, piano, chunky bass, acoustic and electric guitar, programmed beats, synthscapes, bamboo clarinet, bongos, and a heap load of vocals. Indeed, alongside the main lead voices of Simon M. Read, Kadesha Drija and Malcolm Del Monte (Rowan Liggett) there are guest performances from My Name Is Ian and The Burning Hell’s Mathias Kom.

The album will be preceded by lead single and video Momma Mia! I Made You Some Sangria! on 22nd September, as well as Milk Tray Man in early October, ahead of the full LP hitting the market on 27th October and a launch show in Tiny Rebel Cardiff on 17th November.

Introducing Malcolm Del Monte will be available on vinyl via Bubblewrap Collective’s online shop, as well as through Bandcamp, and at a range of independent record stores. It will also be available on digital formats and streaming services.