Search & Seizure has today released their new single titled ‘Lazar’, from their upcoming album ‘Nothing Natural’, dropping on May 20th.

Straight atmospheric rock from an obviously diverse album, ‘Lazar’ takes the anthemic sound to the next level by adding layers of vividness and sonic melody drenched in the sound of giants. Just enough left for the imagination with a gritty bass and pounding beat, we get just a hint of that stadium feeling and signature sound to long for the rest of the album and story.

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About Search & Seizure

“Lazar” is probably the most emblematic single for Nothing Natural as a whole, bridging the gap between the more atmospheric and dreamy single “Island” and the dramatic lead single “Save Us From Ourselves”, showing off the unique rock genre fusion that this band is becoming known for. The drums and bass of “Lazar” hit hard immediately, and quickly that band builds that momentum into the most anthemic chorus of the record, showing off their knack for melody that is uncommon among similar hard rock and alt rock acts, while still bringing a ton of energy and passion to the song.

Previous single “Island” was accompanied by a music video for the track which features the band performing the song live intercut with vintage film film footage, expanding on the visual look of their lyric video for lead single “Save Us From Ourselves”.

The sound of Search & Seizure and Nothing Natural as a whole blends heavier rock influences with some softer melodic elements borrowed from indie rock, post-punk and shoegaze, landing somewhere between softer indie bands like Grizzly Bear or Radiohead and harder alt rock bands like Deftones or Linkin Park.

No one cares about band biographies and neither do Search & Seizure. Instead of telling you some self-indulgent, bullshit story about how this guy met that guy, They’d like to give it to you as straight and real as possible.

Search & Seizure are three guys (Vocalist / Bassist Gene Abramov, vocalist / guitarist Dave Fyten, and drummer Jason Trabue) based in Kansas City, Missouri that have been playing music locally/regionally in bands for most of their lives. They’ve been fortunate enough to play with some incredible bands both as Search & Seizure and their previous bands. They have released three EPs, Turning Tides (2016),Intersections (2018), and Outer Space (2020). Their first full length, Nothing Natural will be released on May 20, 2022.