Naylor’s Notes:
A mountain of a man tip toes across the stage.  Anson Funderburgh, from, “Anson Funderburgh, and The Rockets.” standing to his right hand side.  The Blues ring out through the crowd, as they start to move with the music.  Wearing big bulky eye glasses due to the fact that he was legally blind, and a custom-made leather harp holder specially made for the man himself, “Sam Myers.”

Looking back on the life of Sam Myers, is a well-known St. Louis, MO., blues artist named, Buffalo Bob.  As seen here in the center of the legendary blues man himself, Sam Myers, and his right hand man, Anson Funderburgh.  Buffalo Bob, is still active these days hosting a St. Louis, MO.  Jam session at, “Backstreet Jazz & Blues Club,” every Sunday Night from 9 – 11:30 pm., Here, have a look for yourself.

playing’ dat cross roads… 2013
Buffalo Bob, among many other well-known artist’s has opened for Sam Myers, and Anson Funderburgh, numerous times at many St. Louis, MO., Concert Venues, and says, ” Man I always had a great time with old Sam Myers.”  And I quote, “He tip toed across the stage because he was blind as a bat.”  “Sometimes he would bite the microphone before he found his hot spot on the stage.”

This didn’t happen very often but his power behind the microphone would surely make up for it. Go on and have a look for yourself.  Before you click play, take a moment of silence for this legendary blues man, as he was born in February, 1936.  He died on 7/17/2006, due to a throat cancer operation that had complications.  Help us keep his music alive.

R.I.P – Sam Myers.  The inspiration behind your music will never be forgotten.

Let’s all get together and, “Let The Good Times Roll.”

Anson Funderburgh & Sam Myers – Let the good times roll!

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