What’s up everybody,
Do you want to know if your music will qualify for, “Naylor’s Notes.”  Well, I’m here to let you know!

These note’s will key in on only the most passionate artist’s.  The artist’s that I’m referring to are the ones working themselves physically & emotionally day in and day out to create the music you can not only feel, but can also relate too.

This is the music that will make you laugh if it’s been a while or bring a tear to your eye if it approaches the feelings we all seem to hold inside at times.

Naylor’s Notes will be on the look out for these artist’s, so don’t ever stop shining, and let’s create something beautiful together.  Ask me what I’m looking for and my answer is this;  Everything!  I am a writer for Jammerzine, and yes I did create 1st Shot Music, but I am and always will be a musician at heart.  I know what it’s like to be a starving musician barely getting by, and no idea how to get your music out there.  I will help you!!!

This video your about to play took me 30 minutes to upload.  15 minutes to write the song, 5 minutes to record it, and 10 minutes to build the movie and upload it.  Check it out, and don’t be shy!!!  Submit your music to | Naylor217@1stshotmusic.com to get your music featured on Naylor’s Notes.

Thank You!

Much Success,

Johnny Naylor

About Johnny Naylor:
author-naylor-smJohnny Naylor is the founder and owner of 1st Shot Music and a feature writer for Jammerzine. His work can also be found on 1st Shot Music and Naylor’s Notes. You can also get his latest updates on his facebook page.