We are Odyssey, Inc., an alternative rock band based out of Loris, SC. By channeling the influence of great groups long past, our goal is to create original music others will enjoy, that simultaneously buoys the current standards of the industry.

The band was formed in January, 2012 at Coastal Carolina University by Jordan Small, and Brandon Kirsch. Both computer science majors, they realized they were on the wrong path when they spent all spare time composing songs in the dorm room. The next year was spent mostly honing the craft and generating more material. Eventually, they met Matt Skipper while all three were employed by Papa John’s Pizza. Coincidentally, Matt had also attended Coastal, though his focus was on guitar.

This became highly evident when they heard his playing, and he was invited to join the group. The band then focused on creating rough demos, utilizing the iPhone GarageBand app to its fullest potential. Flash forward to the beginning of Summer 2014. After compiling a demo tape of several songs, the band began to look for recording studios to take things to the next level. A quick Google search later, they found themselves at Southwood Recording Studio, owned by Mitch Todd of Nashville fame. After hearing the tape, he was convinced that the tunes he was hearing were of high quality, and had a new sound.

This attracted the attention of local drummer and North Myrtle Beach Police officer Mike Boyd, an associate of Mitch’s. Due to a previous brush with fame, Mike saw that the band had the needed qualities to succeed. The current lineup was achieved. Since then, the band has been diligently hitting the studio, focusing all effort on producing the greatest songs possible. The included attachments are our first two releases, “Addicted to You” and “They’re Wrong.” We’d like to think the music speaks for itself. We have several more in progress, just not mastered.