Neoma has released her new video for the track titled ‘Tears at Bae‘, from her upcoming album ‘Hyperreal’, dropping on April 29th, 2022.

A smooth dance track to say the least, we also get those pop elements and mega-hook to keep those too scared for the dancefloor from not having a good time. Think Studio 54 meets Spotify at the cool table with stars long gone. Subtle and sweet but to the point musically, ‘Tears at Bae’ is a song you can remember after its out of your earbuds and return to again and again to get that feeling back.

About ‘Tears at Bae’

“Tears At Bae” is the lead single from the upcoming album ‘Hyperreal’, which will be released April 29, 2022 via Soundbreaker Records. ‘Hyperreal’ is the follow-up (and sequel) to Neoma’s 2019 LP, Real.

Now based in Denver, CO, Neoma, originally from Cuenca, Ecuador, has perfected her unique blend of bilingual vocals, sharp pop songwriting, and more experimental electronic flourishes. Speaking on the new single “Tears at Bae,” Neoma reflected on it’s inspiration, calling it “…a fierce, empowering, “bad bitch” song, inspired by a former lover and the end of a stagnant relationship.”