Peter Saputo is gaining a reputation as more than a capable songwriter, but a multi-talent waiting in the wings of music stardom. I began to think just that when I first heard his previous single titled ‘Let Me, Please?’. And now he is back with his new track ‘Stay’. The new single goes in a slightly different direction while keeping alive his natural ability to wear his heart on his sleeve and his sense of timing in the pocket.

the song builds to a beautiful crescendo and keeps the feels in subdued harmony with the beat and harmony as the song gives you a near-invisible tear to capture the moment that it’s trying to convey. Bravo!

About Peter Saputo

Singer-songwriter Peter Saputo returns with his latest single ‘Stay’. Gaining 500,000 streams on Spotify and selling out shows at some of SoCal’s and Seattle’s top venues, Peter has been causing quite a stir this year and with all eyes on what the young songwriter has next, ‘Stay’ is set to be his strongest release to date.

Peter Saputo’s raw and relatable lyrics have captivated our ears and hearts since emerging onto the scene back in 2018 with the release of ‘Why Can’t I Say No’. Since then, Peter has garnered over 300,000 streams on Spotify and received support from respected music publications across the globe.

When asked about the new track, Peter states: “This song is about wanting someone that you’ve parted ways with to keep you close. You find yourself still holding on to them because it would feel wrong any other way. The crazy thing about this song to me is that it was one of the very first songs I tried writing and producing…it honestly wasn’t that good. I left it alone for such a long time that I actually forgot about it. Recently though, when preparing for a show, I found the song in my google drive and decided to give it another shot. I wrote some new parts to it, reconnected with it, and then added it to our setlist. The audience’s reaction to the song was honestly so beautiful that we got into the studio that week to reproduce it”.