1. Connections Olly E 2:56

Connections follows several singles/music videos released by Olly E over the last two years, with the aim of building on his existing audience.

As an outsider, missing a sense of belonging has fuelled a fire within Olly E as reflected in his lyrics, when thoughts become words on the page. Seeking solace in song writing, he aims to give hope through his music to those who feel lost or alone.

Leicester-based alternative rock act Olly E released his new single “Connections” on 29th April.

“Connections is written about the need to come together and forget our differences in order to create a better world. We can be brought up to hate through a need to fit in when deep down we’re wired to get along. The message that kindness forms the path forward whereas division leads to ruin displays the tracks vision to unite in order to save humanity from self-destruction”.

SOURCE: Official Bio