Alt-Country is on the rise again it seems, and within that genre you can certainly use the modern day joys to experiment and go beyond the norm. This is certainly the case with Bob Fleming and his brilliant ensemble, who channel this energy into creating scorching alternative country songs that are powerful and as hard hitting as it gets.

He has just released his new album ‘Remnants’, and Bob Fleming and his Cambria Iron Co’s, 10 songs full of realism and hope for those who feel lost and worried about the world’s hatred conspiring around at the moment. It feels well timed and beautifully present from the Charlotte, MC group, and ‘Glory’ perfectly sums up the band’s sound and direction. A slow-moving song that builds throughout, with Bob’s husky and commanding voice immediately taking centre stage.

Sliding guitars and storylines that are as real as it gets, ‘Glory’ then crescendos into a thundering full band sound that is emotional and heart wrenching. ‘Peterbilt’ also follows suit in a similar vein, with a classically cultured country band sound echoing through, this time with some sumptuous female vocals leading the line.

‘Jumping Point’ shows another side to their craft, with brilliantly executed harmonies and an organ that shines through the track. ‘Too Far Gone’ highlights the fun-loving side to the collective, with a blues-esque guitar hook and the harmonious male and female melodies once again. If you’re looking for some alt-country with a bit of a twist, look no further than this brilliant record by Bob Fleming & co.


Hello Bob Fleming! What does this record mean to you all?

We’re really proud of this record. It shines a light on what everyone in the world went through over the last two years, from the pandemic, the racism and police shootings of unarmed black people, and the grinding toll the pandemic has had on the working poor. It meant a lot to us to kind of get all of the pain and frustration we’ve felt out onto tape.

How was the recording and writing process for ‘Remnants’?

So all of the songs were written in the first 4 or 5 months of the lockdowns. It was a steady schedule of me waking up and sitting withy guitar and writing all day everyday. After that, as a band, we wrote and rehearsed these songs relentlessly for about six months getting them to where we liked them. Then we locked ourselves in a studio, Russian Recording, for 9 days with our producer, Daniel Collins Hodges and knocked it out. It was one of my favorite recording experiences of all time.

What are all your favorite songs off the record?

This is a hard one because I really enjoy them all haha, but if I had to narrow it down, my favorite songs on the record would be

Glory, Remnants, and Floodwaters.

What’s next for Bob Fleming and the Cambrian Iron Co.?

Tour. Relentless tour. Before COVID hit, we were on the road 10 or 11 months out of the year. Since shows have started rolling back we’ve kind of played it safe with space touring, but we’ve got a northeast tour coming in June, and a Midwest tour in October. After that, we’re transitioning back to full time touring and living in a van!

Featured image by Brandon Weiner.