Darkstarz Records Releases Redd Rebel’s New Album Bomb the Vatican Bronx, NY September 17, 2014- Darkstarz Records announces the release of Redd Rebel’s new album “Bomb the Vatican”. Influenced by the golden age of Hip-Hop. Redd Rebel is a hip hop artist who has been around since the early 90s, unleashing his creativity and talent in the form of several projects such as “Born Crooks”, and his work with rap group “United Soul Alliance”.

Redd Rebel has been performing and writing lyrics since 1995. His first record the self-released “Headbanga Boogie” was recorded in France in 2003. Redd Rebel has performed all over New England as well as NYC as a solo artist and a member of many groups including United Soul Alliance.

In 2013 he signed with Darkstarz Records where he released 6 projects in the past year. While under the DSR umbrella he has appeared on many of the other artist’s albums on the Darkstarz roster.

Redd Rebel says of “Bomb the Vatican”, “This album is kind of a sneak attack dropping out of nowhere. It has a cohesive sound as I maintained the balance of the tracks but only using 3 producers. It’s full of bangers and provocative lyrics.” For more on Redd Rebel’s new album visit http://darkstarzrecords.com/reddrebel CONTACT Gilberto

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“Redd Rebel’s Best Album Yet. He has created the ultimate masterpiece filled with music for everyone while maintaining the hip hop essence.” – Angie Jordan

Redd Rebel’s own album, “Bomb the Vatican” is available through the usual major digital distribution channels (darkstarzrecords.info, getrightmusic.com/darkstarzrecords), while his mixture “Born Crooks” is a great bite of the talent of Redd Rebel, available for free download.

“The Impact of this Album is Epic. I Love It!” – Sean Hayes