1. Elevator Rob Benedict 3:37

‘Leave The Light On’ is actor Rob Benedict’s first solo album after three decades as lead singer of the LA based indie band Louden Swain. The songs were written during a personal tumultuous time, which found Rob rebalancing himself after the devastation of the divorce of a twenty-four year marriage.

The album was composed over the last 5 years and completed during lockdown. To record the songs, Rob traveled to Nashville and enlisted producer/musician Tyler James (Escondido, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes) to produce and help orchestrate. The result is a 9 song record that shows a side of Rob that few people have heard – a deeply introspective and sonically rich atmosphere filled with discovery and ultimately, hope.

Rob Benedict writes soulful, intimate lyrics that draw on personal experiences and weave them through metaphors and visual landscapes. The music has shades of country, singer songwriter vibes and indie flourishes. It is exciting, fresh and real.

SOURCE: Official Bio