1. Ascent Saahil Bhargava 3:12

Having established himself as one of the most exciting new rock artists, Indian-American musician Saahil Bhargava returns with his new single ‘Ascent’. The thrilling alternative offering flaunts Saahil’s soaring vocals and dazzling riffs. This new single highlights Saahil’s prowess as an outstanding rock authority.

“Ascent is an adaptation of the Daedalus/Icarus Greek myth. Written from Daedalus’ perspective, it explores the idea of a duo with very different mindsets. One is more of a planner and careful, while the other is very reckless and rash,” – Saahil on the inspiration behind the song.

The meaning of the track has a dualistic element, Saahil elaborates:

“It’s something that can be very relatable to gamers who play online team games like Fortnite, Valorant, PUBG or even Pokemon Unite. While the first player is being cautious and making sure the team is staying together with a plan, the second player just rushes out and starts attacking, getting himself killed and screwing over his partner in the process. A pretty common scenario, like losing your jungler in a MOBA and then the support players have to start attacking because they have no choice. This song explores that relationship through the lens of a famous Greek myth, and from the perspective of the other character (usually it is from Icarus’ perspective or neutral).”

Having received widespread acclaim for his debut five track EP from the likes of Rolling Stone India, Telegraph India, Indian Express, GQ India and many others, Saahil Bhargava has built a growing fanbase. Regularly featured in live streams and videos by gamers across the world, Saahil’s music has been featured in gaming tournaments such as Pentasports huge BGMI esports tournament as well as being written about in gaming publications such as Animation Xpress. Saahil’s enthusiasm for the gaming community, which inspires the themes for many of his songs, comes from his own profession as an animation producer. Alongside his music, Saahil is currently working on a huge animation project, ‘Young Captain Nemo’.

With appearances on the likes of the Mike Wagner Show (KFYR AM 550, KFYR.COM, 99.7 FM and iHeart Radio) and two award nominations alongside the likes of Yo-Yo Ma and Paul McCartney at the prestigious Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival, his career has already shown immense promise as Saahil prepares to release yet more new music.

SOURCE: Official Bio