1. Black Ocean So Much 4 Gravity 4:05

So Much 4 Gravity is an indie rock band from Mechelen, Belgium, formed in 2019. Their first EP ‘Gotta Get Out Of This Town’ was released unfortunately right before the first lock-down now 2 years ago. Without the opportunity to bring their music live and sometimes even without the possibility to get together physically and rehearse new music, the band started contacting radio stations from all over the world as a way to get in touch with people and to get their music heard.

The first 3 singles ‘Gotta Get Out Of This Town’, Go and Communicate’ received airplay on over 250 stations in 33 countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Sweden, Croatia, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Ukraine, North-Macedonia, Belarus, US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South-Africa, Kenya, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Uruguay, Israel and Singapore. So Much 4 Gravity was Artist of the week on Colectivo Gravity Radio (Mexico), Record Of The Week on Radio Lede (Belgium), Killertrack Of The Week on Powerplant Radio (Germany + Canada), and each single featured for one or more weeks on the NOSW podcast (Germany) and on the Rockwave podcast (Italy – with coverage on nearly 150 stations in Italy and abroad). Now we finally want to get our music heard and hit stages anywhere.

‘Black Ocean’ is the new single from Belgian indierock outfit So Much 4 Gravity. Wouter (vocals, guitars) wrote this very personal song in the time leading up to the split from his long-time girlfriend. He puts into words the feeling of something ominous coming your way, but not understanding what it is, why it is there and how to possibly get away from it.

‘Black Ocean’ was recorded in October 2021 in the Nice Recording studio in Antwerp, Belgium with renowned Flemish producer Staf Verbeeck. The DIY-video made by Wouter combines images from mostly non-suspecting band members in the studio + rehearsal room, with images made on his smart phone of his car driving through his hometown Mechelen by night.

SOURCE: Official Bio