Pan Amsterdam has dropped a little taster, with a little help from Damu The Fudgemunk, from his new album ‘EAT’ titled ‘Rigatoni’. The album releases in June via Def Pressé.

The rhyme spits out like a suave machine gun, only hitting the cool kids and those in the know. As sly as it is savory, this is a track that walks up to you and calmly and collectively announces it’s presence. Like that one friend you always thought was cool but he’s your friend because he is accessible, which makes you cool. ‘Rigatoni’ is that smooth ‘gotcha’ moment you get when you just found your new favorite song. Hints of jazz and blues with dashes and dots of originality, Pan and Damu take you to that higher plane that stretches like a plain and is anything but plain. Everything is special on this menu.

About ‘Rigatoni’

‘Rigatoni’ is the first sample of a new menu from Pan Amsterdam – his third album, EAT, drops in June on Def Pressé.

Announcing his return with pounding drums and an almost classical bassline courtesy of Damu The Fudgemunk, Pan Amsterdam spins a typically leftfield web of word association around fridge magnets, chess moves and pasta washed down with whisky. Pan Am’s real life alter ego, Leron Thomas, drops in on trumpet to blow the track out.

“When I heard Damu’s beat I was really into the Zen-like kung fu of the track,” explains Pan Am. “It was the first beat that I worked on of Damu’s. I didn’t know where to start on the track until a fan hit me up on my insta. I usually don’t do things to appease the algorithm of garnering followers and likes on my insta and keep things pretty casual as I enjoy interacting with genuine fans. This one fan hit me up with the most random confession. They said that they collect magnets. I thought to myself: that is a great random opening line. And from there I let my stream of consciousness take over.”

EAT is Pan Amsterdam’s latest LP on British label Def Pressé, and follows the success of the album Ha Chu (featuring Jimmy Goodwin from Doves and Jason Williamson from Sleaford Mods amongst others) and its lead single, the heavily playlisted and GUTS-produced Carrot Cake.

The album is a collaboration with beat legend Damu The Fudgemunk following their European tour where Damu stepped up as Pan Am’s DJ. Listening closely as they performed onstage, Damu crafted some custom musical playgrounds for Pan Am to frolic in, and the tracks on this album are the outcome.