Sweet Crisis have released their new single titled ‘I’ll Be Creepin’, a cover of Free’s track from their eponymous second album.

That sweet sound of jam band nostalgia filtered through the #indie mindset breathes new light into the independent music scene with a shot of adrenaline right to the b*llsack of the established scene as a stark reminder of where it all began and where some of it needs to return. Consider this a ‘Free’ for all.

About ‘I’ll Be Creepin”

Currently on the road with Romeo’s Daughter and Skunk Anansie, Leo explains why they covered it. “It’s my absolute favourite ‘Free’ track. I grew up on FREE, I remember waking up one Christmas morning and finding the album in my Christmas stocking, and as soon as I carefully dropped the needle onto the vinyl it completely blew my mind.

I played it over and over and over again! Matter of fact, I still play it! Years later, I ended up drinking tea with Paul Rodgers backstage at Hyde Park when he was singing with Queen. I can’t remember how but Piers and I ended up in Paul’s trailer after the gig, and I started to sing ‘I’ll Be Creepin’ to him and he joined in! A dream come true. Of course, at some point in I was always going to record my version in homage and respect to the great man.

Piers continues ‘Guitar riffs always pricks my ears and with that amazing groove and fantastic vocal line, and with meeting Paul there was no way we could resist covering it! We made it are own by turning up the heat, in true Sweet Crisis fashion, more Fuzz, more swag, more modern – and in my opinion it’s one of the best vocal performance that Leo is ever delivered.

About Sweet Crisis

Formed in Cambridge in 2015, after decades of friendship, they have drawn from years of shared experience and a well of hundreds of songs to create the debut album Tricks On My Mind. Released in August 2021 with great critical acclaim, Radio Play on Radio 2, Planet Rock, Total Rock and many more. Sweet Crisis seek to balance all their inclinations and influences – like Free or Lenny Kravtiz, nothing is off the table if music sounds right.

The key influences for Sweet Crisis are wide-ranging, from the classic rock and soul music of the ’70s – The Rolling Stones, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Donny Hathaway, Humble Pie – to The Verve and Massive Attack, The Black Keys and Jack White.

The iconic 70s sound combined with modern pioneers shape and inform this modern rock band’s sound. And with this wide-ranging DNA incorporating just the right amount of funk, soul and pop along the way, their album celebrates both modern and classic vibes.

Leo and Piers write all of the songs for Sweet Crisis and have recently swelled their ranks with Matt Dudurym on bass, Dom Briggs-Fish on keyboards and Joe Taylor on drums – Now a well oiled machine that’s been running since early 2019 – together they’ve created a timeless and energetic record.