Al’Tarba has released his new video for the track titled ‘Rentrée des Classes’, featuring DJ Nix’on. Consider this a reminder of that feared sense of dread when another year of school starts (unless we get another lockdown…you never know). But, in the interim, we have a quasi-banger ‘beat-tastical’ mix of sonic bliss and audio dynamite. Featuring hints of big band and blues/swing of old, Saturday morning cartoons never seemed so retro, raved, and righteous.

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About Al’Tarba & ‘Rentrée des classes’

We all have been waiting for this moment. For some with excitement, and for others, with a dread feeling. It’s back to school time.

The sweetness of the summer vacations comes to an abrupt end: “J’veux pas aller à l’école!”

Your parents drag you by the arm and throw you into the playground arena. The other kids’ screams echo through your eardrums, and you get your first soccer ball in the face.

‘Rentrée des classes’ is a thick banger made for live, where the carefree electro swing got its snack stolen by a frontal breakcore with almost gabber kicks.

This was without counting Al’Tarba’s invitation, to his sidekick of always DJ Nix’on, for the playtime end punctuated by big unbridled scratches.

As for the music video, it’s better to watch it in the early morning, with a bowl of cereal and milk.

This is ahead of studio album ‘La Fin Des Contres’ out Friday, May 6th.