1. Cornflake Girl The Blue Hour 5:09

The Blue Hour is a Seattle-based duo that blends elements of ethereal, electronic, and neoclassical to create a haunting dreampop-noir that is reminiscent of early 4AD artists while retaining a vision that is unique to Marselle and Brian Hodges. Marselle’s ethereal yet soulful vocal delivery often draws comparison to “lost studio sessions by ambient music’s first lady, Kate Bush, slowed down and blissed out … the result is nothing less than a future classic of the dream-pop canon.” – Dancing About Architecture.

Meanwhile, Brian’s songwriting and production, which focuses on finding that rare balance between the melancholy and the sublime, is frequently likened to This Mortal Coil and Dead Can Dance with elements of industrial and trip hop.

Outside the Blue Hour, Marselle has featured on John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise and has collaborated with Pieter Nooten on the album, “Anonymity.”

SOURCE: Official Bio