Just Like Honey is a captivating band to listen to because of their unique combination of subtle nuances within the songs and a bold nod to their roots. This blend is more than evident in their new album titled ‘The Wood Room Sessions’. Originally thought of as an afterthought after the completion of their 2018 album ‘The Weight of the Stars’, ‘The Wood Room Sessions’ more than holds its own as a stand-alone companion without the glitter and glam of electricity involved and gives us a stellar set of acoustic numbers that show a different side of the group while keeping them on the same level that they have established with their previous work. This is a lesson in diversity.

About Just Like Honey

During the production of their critically acclaimed 2018 album ‘The Weight of the Stars’, Alternative Rock/Dream Pop band Just Like Honey had the idea to record acoustic versions of a handful of their songs.

As the abstract idea took tangible shape in spring 2019, musicians sans traditional rock pedigree like American violinist Miranda Avery and Israeli cellist Telalit joined forces with the band during two extensive recording sessions.

During the Wood Room Sessions, Just Like Honey’s songs took on a life of their own. Stripped of the bands’ usual guitar noise, the tracks started to reveal their hopelessly romantic heart. Much to the band members’ own surprise, a few of the songs even turned into some kind of American Folk courtesy of Darlene Jonasson’s ability to play the mandolin and thanks to the inexplicable use of a resonator guitar. On a side note, you may be interested to learn that “Out in the Storm”, one of the tracks eventually laid down during the Sessions, was written by Patrick Le Mar on the spur of the moment during the first stint of recording. It deals with the mystery of missing people and merely took shape in its Bluegrass version as of yet – a fact that might change in the not-too-distant future.

According to one’s personal gusto The Wood Room Sessions could either be considered as a side project of Just Like Honey or simply as a yet undiscovered facet of the band, which has picked up its electric guitars again in the meantime and continues to lay on the fuzz and the reverb on every occasion.

Darlene Jonasson: vocals, guitars, mandolin
Bianca Yang: vocals, bass guitar, piano, organ
Patrick Le Mar: vocals, guitars
Steve Le Mar: tambourine, drums

Telalit: cello
Miranda Avery: violin, backing vocals
Tom J. Macleod: pedal steel guitar
Matt Wilson: bass guitar
Ramita Arora: backing vocals
Louise Browne: backing vocals