Total Slacker has today premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Dried Up Well’, from his upcoming LP ‘Extra Life’, dropping May 27th.

A Unique combination of old school pop rock, unique time signature, and beautiful guitar riff, Total Slacker (a.k.a. Tucker Rountree), gives an original blend of genre-hopping melodies and sheer originality with a pure form of earnest songwriting that, I believe, will garner fans from around the world.

Yes, folks, this is that time in your life where you’ve found a song that is as accessible as it is individual. Take that for what it is, but ‘Dried Up Well’ is the perfect gateway drug for Total Slacker and ‘Extra Life’. This makes me wonder what the rest of the album sounds like and, while the song and video never take anything for granted, you will hit that play button again just to feel that sense of subtle feeling the music gives you as it glides along. My only complaint is that the song is too short. But good things never last, do they?

‘Extra Life’ drops May 27th.

About Total Slacker

Tucker Rountree’s Total Slacker project has origins so closely tied to bands like DIIV and Beach Fossils that around 2009, both Cole from DIIV and Dustin from Beach Fossils did brief stints as live members of Total Slacker, and Rountree would often be seen behind the drums at early Beach Fossils shows. Previous versions of the band have had a more traditional rock band structure, with Rountree as the sole permanent band member, but on his fourth LP, Extra Life, due May 27, Rountree plays every instrument himself.

Instead of staying in Brooklyn and making a living via touring, like the path his friends took, when the Brooklyn DIY scene started to die down a bit, Rountree instead moved to Utah to work with his father, painting houses. With his father not being able to retire, Tucker felt a responsibility to help him, a fellow musician, having played in a band called The Western Reflections in the 70s & 80s.

Somehow the experience of working manual labor for four years, a different kind of songwriting started to emerge, and slowly Tucker crafted ExtraLife during this time. The lyrics reflect this; in “Dried Up Well” he sings “this city’s like a dried up well, looks like this time its gonna hurt,” which describes Utah and other small town settings that have suffered economically and have lost sense of prosperity, with their main streets looking like ghost towns.

He also describes this paradigm shift he’s experienced; “The promise of the world is gold, when every home in the world is sold, we’ll be out here in the cold.” And again in the song “Golden Home ” he exclaims “You wouldn’t believe just how much that they have, when all they need is enough to get by, but then there’s more, people on the street, trying to find something to eat.”

ExtraLife is both the confluence of a young man returning home from the big city, but also noticing how much humanity and the economy has been affected in recent years in very real terms. This is also relevant in his song “Walk On Water”; “I know there’s nothing new under the sun, but where we come from, I know I wanna see things like a child again, but where we come from.”

Featured image by Austin Overmoe.