1. Lately Kailaya 3:50

Kailaya has today released her new single titled ‘Lately’. A bit of soul mixed with a stellar guitar, done as a duo, gives this song that personality and certain ‘something’ that always ends up as memorable. Going back to the Motown past to subtly charge a song into the future, the earnest and heartfelt lyrics melt into that gorgeous sonic earplay of music as to drive the message home to those who listen and embed that message to all those who’ve lived it.

About Kailaya

The artistic journey of Kailaya began in her hometown of Los Angeles, combining her talents as a singer, songwriter, and dancer. As a toddler, she loved to express herself through movement and started taking dance classes with a group of older, much stronger dancers. She progressed fast with the help of her ballet teacher and learned by example that perseverance and hard work pay off.

From early on, Kailaya learned to take criticism with gratitude, but she always stayed true to her own way of telling her stories through choreography and improvisation. She also began taking piano lessons and practiced relentlessly every day, teaching her patience, discipline, and consistency. Soon after discovering high heels and pole dancing, Kailaya embraced her body and sexuality on her terms.

In school, she expressed interest in theater and performing arts and was turned on to poetry by a marvelous literature teacher. Seeing the beauty and power of words, Kailaya indulged in writing which brought her several wins in poetry contests. Like many writers, Kailaya found art as a creative outlet when she began struggling with depression.

Taking what she knew from years of writing poetry, Kailaya turned to songwriting as an escape. Realizing that both sadness and joy were part of life, she allowed her emotions, both good and bad, to drive her writing and as a result, Kailaya found her voice.

Inspired by artists like Daniel Ceasar, Snoh Aalegra, Nina Simone, and Summer Walker, Kailaya is determined to create her own soulful, vintage R&B sound with her silky vocals and jazz-infused guitar. “I could listen to R&B/soul nonstop on repeat.

The music where each line hits you differently and each phrase is so powerful that it could stand on its own, that is what inspires me,” Kailaya explains. “I want to make people feel exactly what I am feeling and saying.” She writes every word of her lyrics and every note of her songs from an authentic and genuine place and from her most sincere heart and soul.