1. Handle it Zipporah 4:04

Zipporah has today released her new single titled ‘Handle It’. A sultry song for the dancefloor, yet still accessible enough to enjoy through those earbuds. Monster hook and bombastic beat, ‘Handle It’ asks if you can amid reopening of the world with a shouted declaration of respect and rave from a woman who knows how to make memorable music.

About Zipporah & ‘Handle It’

Hailing from the tropical shores of the elusive Caribbean island of Anguilla; British born, singer-songwriter, Zipporah, is leaving no head unturned with her new hit single “Handle It”. Melting sultry RnB tones onto vibrant Caribbean rhythms with a catchy pop refrain, Zipporah has created a distinct and unique sound.

Handle It, beckons the listener onto the dancefloor to dance the night away. But there’s a catch, this femme fatale needs a partner that can match her vibrations. Speaking more on the release Zipporah says:

“I was inspired to write this song after I was newly single and wanted to hit the danceclub. While a lot of guys would approach me, I would turn down a lot of them and just dance with my girls. Like most women, I don’t want to be man-handled, massaged, humped or rough-housed on the dancefloor. I’m not asking for the best dancer in the room. But I’d like someone that can respect my body, my time and my energy. Ride the rhythms of the melodies with me, feel the sway of my hips, and bask in the moment as we lose ourselves in each other just for tonight”.

The songs boasts renowned Caribbean producer Cherrod Lewis, who has worked with some of the top world-acclaimed Soca artists in the Caribbean such as, Destra and Patrice Roberts. Combined with a glamorous and awe-inspiring music video, Zipporah mesmerizes viewers with her seductive, magnetic aura while she sprinkles messages of enlightenment, specifically the message of being unapologetically you.

As a new and independent artist, Zipporah has made great strides in the music industry. Her last single, Hooked, has reached almost 70,000 views on YouTube and her Spotify consists of almost 10,000 monthly listeners. The songstress has also been featured in award winning blog, A&R factory.

As Zipporah continues to flourish, there is no doubt that she will catch the eyes and shine in the hearts of many.