Armonite are an infectious prog rock masterpiece in the form of a band. In the wake of the death of Chris Squire it is comforting to know that this form of audio art will live on in acts such as Armonite. Their new album, “The Sun Is New Each Day” is a journey through the minds of brilliant musicians in the truest sense of the word. For anyone who doubts the music of today just remember that the sun truly is new each day.

Armonite are:
Jacopo Bigi – electric violin
Paolo Fosso – keyboards
Colin Edwin – bass
Jasper Barendregt – drums

About Armonite:

The Sun Is New Each Day
The Sun Is New Each Day

Composer Paolo Fosso and violinist Jacopo Bigi are classical-trained, but “classical” is not how they would describe themselves. Through their teenage years, they joined a few local bands playing a variety of genres and artists, from the Beatles to Dream Theater.

Armonite was formed in 1996. Though still in college, they released their first album in 1999, and performed a few dates live. They eventually split up, so Jacopo could follow his career as a classical violinist and violin teacher, while Paolo started working in the music administration.

It wouldn’t be until 15 years later that they would unite to form a new band while borrowing the name of their old one.

Paolo went straight to work and once he had composed enough tracks to make an album, Armonite came together as a transnational project. Joining Paolo and Jacopo was Porcupine Tree’s bassist, Colin Edwin and Dutch drummer Jasper Barendregt. The production was scheduled to allow the recording of all materials remotely.

Things took a turn for the best when the first producer of Muse, Paul Reeve, accepted the offer to produce the entire work, with mastering at the Abbey Road Studios in London. Their album “The Sun is New each Day” was released in June 2015 after a production of about 6 months.

Armonite has already published the videos of Suitcase war, Die Grauen Herren, Le temps qui fait ta rose, Insert Coin, and Bastian’s Happy Flight. With more videos in the pipeline.