1. Ain't Too Late for Memphis Kenny Dubman 0:30
  2. Devil's Brew Kenny Dubman 0:30
  3. Angel of Mercy Kenny Dubman 0:30
  4. Brother Against Brother Kenny Dubman 0:30
  5. Son of a Colt .45 Kenny Dubman 0:30
  6. Wolf at the Door Kenny Dubman 0:30
  7. 3 Little Words Kenny Dubman 0:30
  8. Little Venom Kenny Dubman 0:30
  9. Sunset Serenade Kenny Dubman 0:30
  10. Ghost on the Wind Kenny Dubman 0:30
  11. After the Bomb Fell Kenny Dubman 0:30

I think it’s safe to say that at this point in time popular music has gone through a lot of transformations. Some good and some bad. But it’s also safe to say that there are still people holding the torch for all music that still makes a difference. One of those people is Kenny Dubman. This is his first solo album. I have to state that right off the bat because most artists don’t find their footing until album number 2 or 3, but Kenny knows where he needs to be musically.

Kenny states in his bio that he never had the intention of making a guitar record, but. speaking as a guitarist myself, he has. It is totally a song record, as he also states, but this album is also a veiled tribute to the power of the guitar; both as an instrument and as a tool of expression. And only a true guitarist and songwriter can achieve that with seamless ease and skill while giving the non-musical music fan a taste of his heart. Bravo!

I highly recommend that you buy this album and tell your friends. This is something you will come back to time and time again.

“Reckless Abandon” is out now. You can buy the full album HERE.

Reckless Abandon
Reckless Abandon

About Kenny Dubman & “Reckless Abandon”
“Reckless Abandon” is the first solo effort from NJ native and lifelong six-stringer Kenny Dubman, a veteran of 3 albums with NJ melodic rockers Prophet. Loaded with earthy, organic 70’s influenced hard rock, Reckless Abandon will most certainly fill a gaping void in today’s musical climate.”I wanted to make a song record first; making a guitar record was never really part of the

“I wanted to make a song record first; making a guitar record was never really part of the equation” says Dubman, though guitar fans will likely want for nothing on this offering. Blending elements of Bad Company, Deep Purple, Kansas, and Lynyrd Skynyrd with subtle hints of Queen, Ozzy, Montrose, Pink Floyd, and Rush, Reckless Abandon pays homage to it’s 70’s rock roots while still forging an identity of it’s own….due in no small part to Dubman’s powerful, raspy vocal performances.

Lyrically, Reckless Abandon tackles some deep and dark subject matter; not much boy-meets-girl fare on this record. “I’m not sure where these song ideas came from; I feel like they were channeled through me rather than originated within….like I didn’t really write them. I think the great Tony Joe White sums this syndrome up best: ‘….the music is all given to me anyway. Writing and playing and doing music not for the benefit of having a number one record, just to let it out of your soul, means somebody has fed it down to you.’ That’s right on the money”. Origin non-withstanding, Kenny Dubman has created (or channeled) something special on this record.

SOURCE: Official Bio