Isle 7 has released their new album titled ‘Old Council’. Some bands were destined to be together. Isle 7 is a prefect example of this. Having disbanded and reunited, sometimes that break is needed in order to produce the best music you can. And ‘Old Council’ is ten accounts to that testimony. Each song gives a solid sound of old friends doing what they love. Each song shows the history of Isle 7 and the strengths and struggles worn for all to see.

A vivid cross between alternative acts like The Smithereens and Sparklehorse with a lot of elements that are sorely lacking in the #indie scene today.

Having said that, I’ll just go ahead and say it: Isle 7 may be ‘right up your isle’.

About Isle 7

In what seems like another life, and certainly a very different time, Isle 7 was opening for national bands in Central Florida and their music was being played on the radio. Life was good. The year was 2004 and the sky was the limit. Sadly, as it happens with most bands, the magic came to an end and the music was silenced.

Fast forward to 2021 where it seems like the world has gone crazy. And to keep up with the crazy times, the members of Isle 7 have reunited to create more music. Armed with iPhones, Garage Band apps, earbuds, and varying degrees of rust, the band members started the process of playing music together again. When the responsibilities of a fireman, a lawyer, a healthcare IT guy, and a craft beer brewer allowed for it, the boys wrote and recorded new songs. Through texts and emails, over thirty new songs were written, demoed, and weeded through for a tremendous collection of music.

Isle 7 is comprised of Scott Severance on guitar and vocals, John Ball on bass, Jared Curtis on lead guitar and mandolin, and Michael Brady Scoma on drums. The lineup has been the same since 2003.

Now living in different regions of the country, the four band members reunited in Tennessee to record a follow up to 2004’s Counting the Days. The band was lucky to have the opportunity to work with Brett Hestla, the same producer they worked with in 2004. There is no doubt that Isle 7’s new album, Old Council, is by far the best music Isle 7 has ever released.

There are a lot of unknowns in 2021 and it is not yet clear what Isle 7 will be doing in the future. Will there be a reunion show soon? Probably. Will there be a run of shows? That is unknown at this time. What is clear now though is Old Council is a work that the band is incredibly proud of. Isle 7 is happy to announce that the sky is the limit once again.