Rising Atlanta Hip-Hop Artist, The Husel, has dropped the third single from his awaited mixtape “Husel Music,” launching in August. The release of “Greatest” follows two other singles the artist dropped, “Grindin” and “Generate.”

While both “Generate” and “Grindin” center around themes of making the best out of the daily grind, “Greatest” has a different focus aimed to appeal to the ladies. This latest track sings the praise of a woman with a catchy rhythm and chorus. The infectious tune is just an example of the range of music that can be expected from The Husel’s upcoming mixtape. The project will also feature collaborations with T. Pain, Bone Crusher, Cash Out, Fred the Godson and other artists.

The Husel has been making headlines lately in hip-hop and urban circuits as “Atlanta’s New Hip-Hop Powerhouse” using hard hitting 808’s, snaps, claps, and hi-hats to create music that inspires and motivates. Upon describing his purpose, The Husel explained, “The Husel is not a person, the husel is a state of mind. Everyone has their own interpretation of the hustle, this just happens to be mine.”

About The Husel
The Husel is the soundtrack to your daily grind. That vibe that gets you out of bed in the morning when you’re tired, The Husel; that thing that keeps you motivated all weekend, while everyone else is partying, The Husel; that adrenaline that doesn’t let you sleep at night, that’s The Husel. Everyone on the grind needs theme music, and this is where you will find it. For more information about The Husel, please visit www.thehusel.com and http://soundcloud.com/thehusel. “Like” The Husel on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheHusel and follow The Husel on Twitter and Instagram @TheHusel.