1. Defect Cyrus R.O. 4:57

Nova Scotia based Cyrus R.O. spends his days doing theoretical physics and his nights crafting jazz-infused rock music. A musician from a young age, R.O. cut his teeth in the mid 2010s in various rock & punk acts in Nova Scotia such as Keith Doom and the Wrecking Crew, Dali Van Gogh, and Magnetic North, all while pursuing an undergraduate degree in physics at Dalhousie University. As the decade matured, R.O. began releasing music as a solo artist. Kicking off with the britpop anthem Black Sheep, he would then go on to cut several more singles with his backup band Cyrus R.O. Quartet before, in late 2019, he started working on Deconvolution, an entirely self-produced and recorded electronic rock album and R.O. ‘s first full length release.

R.O. has toured around the maritimes, bringing his bombastic brand of spacious, moody, yet intricately crafted rock to audiences all over. His music brings a streak of contemporary jazz experimentalism to the legacy of alt-rock heroes such as Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, and Sheena Ringo. Distortion-drenched guitars pave the way for melancholy-yet-playful vocals, ethereal keyboards, and intricately-woven basslines.

In the wake of Covid-19, R.O. has turned his attention to various recording projects (and some physics-related research projects.) This summer he released his second full-length album You are an island and so am I, a collection of songs inspired by the people and events that surrounded his upbringing in post-industrial cape breton. He has also joined Cape Breton alt-rock band Get Real!, whose more recent releases feature Cyrus on lead guitar and backing vocals. These days, you’ll find him holed up in rural Cape Breton spending half his time writing new music and the other half studying the physics underpinning the dynamics of the ocean.

SOURCE: Official Bio