After developing an interest in the piano at the age of 13 and studying privately with a student of the legendary jazz great, Lenny Tristano, I studied classical music theory for four years in high school and continued this training at Five Towns College majoring in composition and piano.During this time, I also developed an interest in the guitar and began playing with several local club bands while being heavily influenced by “progressive” rock groups such as Yes, Kansas, Genesis, King Crimson, UK, Gentle Giant and Todd Rundgren’s Utopia.

Through my late teens and early twenties, I played keyboards and guitar with a variety of rock, dance, club-date and wedding bands while constantly maintaining a substantial interest in composition.

After years of being frustrated by the inability of bands I worked with to pursue original material and limited financial means, I chose to pursue other avenues to provide income while maintaining an active interest in writing and recording.

I graduated at the head of my class from Suburban Technical School and worked as an engineering aide in the field of electronics for 2 years while continuing to write and record in a small studio in my basement.Since then, that small studio has grown into a substantial MIDI studio which features 96 MIDI tracks, 16 digital audio tracks, and rack-mounted outboard equipment. In addition, I have assumed control of the family owned Electrical Contracting firm based in Manhattan.

The material presented was composed, arranged, performed, engineered, and sung by me in that studio.

SOURCE: Official Bio