1. OGLE 2005 Jaguanera 1:00
  2. Karmatronic Jaguanera 1:00
  3. Did You Know Jaguanera 1:00
  4. Save Me Jaguanera 1:00
  5. Electro Cowboy Jaguanera 1:00
  6. Black Albino Jaguanera 1:00
  7. Ob-Session Jaguanera 1:00
  8. A Good Day Jaguanera 1:00
  9. Halfmoon Jaguanera 1:00
  10. Jailbird Jaguanera 1:00
  11. The Manifestwave Jaguanera 1:00

With their new American tour starting tomorrow, Jaguanera is about to support what is, in my opinion, one of the contenders of our “Best Indie Albums of 2016” with “Head To Tail”. Jaguanera has the uncanny knack of taking their music to such a high and polished level with layer upon layer of sonic goodness tempered with straightforward melody and outright intrigue that the listener simply can’t turn away. “Head To Tail” is literally a great novel for the ears.

“Head To Tail” is out now via Seahorse Recordings.

Head To Tail cover
Head To Tail cover

JAGUANERA is an electro rock band founded in 2010 by Andrea Bellassai and Renzo Manuel Possanzini.

Head to tail – New album
The new album “Head to tail” is provided in spring 2016. It’s a new conception of Jaguanera’s sound, it’s so different compared with the first album “Runners”.

11 new tracks are the results of a deep experimentation with synthesizers and electronic music, but they don’t forget pop rock Jaguanera’s roots.

The band takes its inspiration too, by a mix of Joy Division, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails sound, extracting the “juice of the dark and sublimeness of melody” belonged in those artists. This is the Jaguanera’s new wave sound.

Runners – the first album
In 2012 Jaguanera started to record their debut album “Runners”.
In the beginning of 2013 the new album “Runners” comes out in music stores and digital stores distributed by “Audioglobe distribution” and “The Orchard digital distribution” under supervision of the record label Yorpikus Sound (Bud Spencer Blues Explosion).

“Runners” contains 10 tracks: strong and impacting is “My Wave”, the first promo song, chosen for the radio broadcasting; at the opposite, there is “State Of The Nation”, adapted song of Industry ’80 famous synth-pop song, with new electro arrangement.

Later on Gabriele Mascherucci joins the band on the guitars and Davide Mazzaferri on the drums, so Jaguanera began their promotional tour playing in many clubs with a great appreciation of the people.

Many interviews were done. Reviews came out on the web and Jaguanera performed in many radio broadcasting programs.

At the end of 2013 the official videoclip “My Wave” was released by Audioglobe distribution. Actually, Jaguanera are continuing to promote their music in Italy and across the Europe Recently, the band participated at the 15th opening anniversary of the legendary “Hard Rock Cafè Rome”.