1. Shame Gabriel Collins 1:00
  2. Ignoramus Gabriel Collins 1:00
  3. I Am the Body Gabriel Collins 1:00
  4. Anywhere but Here Gabriel Collins 1:00
  5. London Is Losing Its Crown Gabriel Collins 1:00

Born in London in 1983, Gabriel Collins had a habit of tapping on any available surface, this continued until his parents bought him a drum kit and he taught himself to play it, as well as seesawing in and out of love with the guitar, but he says his musical life really began with the piano…

Money was tight so piano lessons were out of the question, but when Gabriel was eleven, after the family had moved to Devon, they inherited a piano from a great aunt and under the guidance of teacher Colin Rea, Gabriel flourished. It was Rea who inspired in Gabriel an appreciation of many styles of music as well as instilling in him the skills of improvisation, composition and learning to listen and practice effectively. This grounding led to mentoring sessions in songwriting with keyboard maestro and composer Julian Marshall, of Marshall Hain/Flying Lizards/Eye To Eye fame who helped Gabriel to gain further insight and confidence in songwriting and performance, describing him as “a unique and remarkable voice in popular music songwriting”.

After leaving school Gabriel took courses in acting, dance, singing, popular music and jazz before going on to read BA (Hons) Music Composition at Dartington College of Arts.

Following university, Gabriel continued to write music while also gaining experience in recording and performing both solo and in a range of bands such as Donna Blitz, Melonbud, Berry Pomeroy, Moscow Magazine, Disney’s Head and currently the Gabriel Collins Band.