1. Manchild Apocalypse Minx & Dusal 3:39

Minx & Dusal have just released their new single titled ‘Manchild Apocalypse’. First off, I’m already biased from being a Minx fan for a few years now. She’s a cool musician with a keen sense for lyrics and music to fit those lyrics. And now we get her as part of a dynamic duo courtesy of William DUSAL Harrison . That chemistry between the diversity and comradery between these two is as undeniable as it is captivating. We get that singing sensibility of Minx with the added layers upon layers of pure musicianship and originality of Dusal.

But its between the notes where some of this magic lay. The little things in the background and the distance that surround the hook. And that hook is massive. We get the soul, sounds, and signature of a pair of artists who met at the right time and place and made the right music. Take this music in and let it become a part of you.

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About Minx & Dusal

Madeleine MINX Dunbar is a vibrant actress, rapper and singer-songwriter hailing from London. The arts course vigorously through her veins, being the daughter of actors Adrian Dunbar (Line Of Duty, The Crying Game, My Left Foot) and Anna Nygh (The Sweeny, Capital City, Brothers of The Head). A seasoned performer and former front woman and topliner for pop duo Tigermonkey, (Do The Mobot, Wimbledon Wiggle) She has since taken her solo career globally and made waves in the underground Hip Hop scenes in the UK and US working with the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine cover artist Mr MFN eXquire, Genovese, Oowop the Don, Nutso and legendary producer Cooler Ruler Divine (The Lost Boyz, Onyx, Sean Price).Back in London she completed a Masters Degree in Commercial Songwriting from Tileyard and embarked on a professional songwriting career, writing for TV, film, theatre and commercial artists. Recently, she’s also tracks signed that she provided vocals and topline for by BMG and Felt Music.

Whilst studying, she met composer, classical pianist and producer William DUSAL Harrison. Dusal was a musical prodigy from the age of 5, awarded a piano scholarship at Wells Cathedral school, winning several international piano competitions and competed twice in the BBC Young Musician competition. He then graduated from Durham University with a BA in music and went on to study an MA in Music Production at Tileyard where he met Minx. Though they are two very contrasting characters, Minx & Will celebrate their differences and marry them harmoniously to create an innovative and fresh sound. Their project ‘Suggestive Biscuit’ is the fruit of their hard work during their Masters Degree and of their unlikely friendship.

Their first release in July 2021, ‘Who Knows?’, saw great success. Described as a “vivid, euphoric single, bathed in a glowing, Summer feel, the track shimmers with Jazz piano melodies, distinctive vocal harmonies and playful lyricism” (Mogg, Mogg Blogg). It combines Minx’s gritty edge with Dusal’s vibrant production (Lewis, Music Crowns) and managed to catch the attention of the BBC Introducing platform being played numerous times on several different BBC shows and becoming BBC Cumbria’s Track of the week.

The song has also been spun and playlisted on many major radio stations in both the UK and Ireland, including Q Radio, Corks Red FM, Peak Derbyshire, FUN FM, BBC Lancashire and many more.

After the success of the release they were invited to perform at Also Festival in Warwickshire. This show being their debut live performance, they were unsure of the reception they would receive. However there was no need to worry, they were a resounding smash and the audience enjoyed their set so much they begged for more so the pair performed the entire set again and looked on in delight as the audience stayed for the entirety to enjoy it a second time round.

‘Manchild Apocalypse’ is the duo’s second release, featuring strong vocals from Minx and superb production duties from Dusal, this is a sure fire radio hit which will see them rise to the next stage.