Siren Section, a two-piece Electronic Rock band from Los Angeles, California. The primary members of the band are James Cumberland and John Dowling, equal contributors on electronics, vocals, and sound design, with John handling the guitar and James the keys.

Meeting in High School, in 1994 and finding that they shared an extreme love for styles of music that were, at least at the time, difficult to track down, they started recommending bands to each other and lending records from one another. John was diving primarily into Shoe Gaze, Post Punk, Hardcore, and Indie Rock, and James was at the time getting into more electronic centered music; Industrial, Ambient, Goth, Goa/Psytrance, Break Core, Jungle, and IDM.

Reconnecting in 2001 the band experimented with different genres and teamed up with various musicians to nail down something cohesive. Eventually settling into a four-piece group, eschewing a live drummer for drum machines and computer sequenced beats, and formed under the name Jinsai, with Michael Harpel on bass, Phil Rodriguez on trumpet/piano, James on synths and computer duties, John on guitar, and the pair of them trading off on singing.

Releasing their first album in 2003, and a follow-up record in 2007, before the band eventually pared down and went on hiatus.

In early 2010, James and John reformed into a two-piece as Siren Section.

The duo went in a new direction, opting for something a little more conventional (but still resistant to a clear genre box). Incorporating a more Psychedelic and Synth Pop oriented combo of Cold Wave, Post Punk, Psych Rock with a Krautrock slant, they self-released their debut album, All We Want All At Once in 2014. Their new album, New Disconnect, will be released on October 24th, 2017.