Kasey Williams
Kasey Williams

With the release of her self titled album, Kasey Williams utilizes emotion, whit, and a bit of humor to show that even when songwriting comes from a personal place, it can still be fun. This set of classic indie-pop songs span from catchy, up beat love songs, to tasteful emotional ballads complete with beautiful string arrangements.

The first single, “Constant,” is comprised of modern instrumentation, addicting vocal melodies, and an all around feel-good aesthetic.

Williams points out that “Constant” was the first song she wrote for her album, but more importantly, she believes it was the song that inspired her to pursue a career in songwriting. Williams reminisces about her initial motivation behind the writing of “Constant”: “I woke up one morning and the lyrics were in my head, so I sat down at my small light up keyboard and just put my fingers where it felt good. A significant someone once said we could be each others constant. I really liked that idea. As an artist things are unpredictable and always changing, so it’s nice to have someone/ something that’s consistent.”

Kasey writes in such a way that the listener finds themselves relating to each of her songs in one way or another. It is the exuberance of her character that is attached to these songs, and it is that experience that makes the listener yearn for more. Kasey explains this phenomenon: “This album is very personal. Every song on it comes from an honest place, even if it may be light and fun. I feel very close to each of these for different reasons. So much happened personally in my life over the years that these songs were written, and I think they all paint a picture of where I was at the time.”

There is a lot to be said for consumers just listening to the singles, but to get a full understanding of where Kasey is coming from as a songwriter and as a person, listening to her entire record is a must! Kasey’s songs build, breathe, and at times climb to a breaking point of raw emotion.

Kasey has performed at venues such as Rockwood Music Hall in New York City and The Acoustic Coffee House in Johnson City, Tennessee. Kasey was a featured performer for the New York Song Circle in 2014 and she is an active volunteer with the non-profit organization Musicians On Call. The songwriter just released a digital release of her new single on Valentine’s Day as part of her Seven Days Of Love Project for which released a song and a video everyday for seven days (hence, the name) the week of Valentine’s Day.