1. Love Is In The Air Rachel Davie Lee 3:03

Rachel Davie Lee is set to cause a big slash in the world of contemporary R&B with her debut EP, Barely Concealed, a tasty melange of classy and sophisticated soul sounds. Coming from a rich, multicultural background – Lee was born in Jamaica and is of Scottish/Guyanese heritage – this new singing sensation brings fresh beats and slick riffs to every track.

It’s fair to say Lee isn’t your typical singer. Her irrepressible spirit shines through every track. A St. Andrew’s and Edinburgh graduate, Lee comes from a background of professionals and entrepreneurs (including a judge, politician, and former Guyanese Speaker of the House). Inspiration and creativity flow through Lee’s veins, however, and her maverick talents craved a musical outlet.

It’s a passion that has caught hold and dug in deep, making Barely Concealed, which has been produced by the esteemed TRYBISHOP (Kanye West, Akon, Travis Scott), a must-listen project for the discerning R&B fan.

SOURCE: Official Bio