This is the must-see unsigned band of the decade! They are Rayne – four times Battle of the bands winners, runners up at the 02 Live & Unsigned final and on the verge of becoming something epic in the UK and beyond. The rock three piece from Sunderland, who grew up together and have worked hard around the local circuit are unmatched in their ability to create anthemic songs, mesmerising drums and addictive guitar sounds all their own.

Their debut album ‘The New enlightenment’ is available to buy on iTunes and you will not be disappointed. In fact it will fast become one of, if not your favourite album of all time! This is only eclipsed by how sensational Rayne play live.

Being besotted with the album, I didn’t dare believe the live version could do it justice, but the live experience is even better! The loops and samples, genuine talent of all three members and stop you dead in your tracks’ lead vocal, make a Rayne gig something truly special. I challenge you not to become a super fan after you’ve seen them and to start off by checking out the comments on the album downloads at iTunes.