1. So Naive Shaun Quixote 6:06

Shaun Quixote has been in music for much of his life, but only recently placed music at the center of his universe. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Shaun was an academic and athletic standout whose path, laid before him, was directed to a world of academics. This path he diligently followed for much of his adult life, until the draw of his constant musical yearnings and a life-changing health scare brought him back to his core senses, and sensibilities.

He taught himself guitar in college, and from the purchase of his first Telecaster, has not stopped in his musical journey. Throughout his more conventional career (as a physician), he kept his musical powderkeg dry, composing rock songs in the tradition of his early heroes, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. He has played in bands through much of this time, playing the Roxy in 1995, and a variety of clubs ranging from Los Angeles to Chicago.

Shaun decided, after nearly succumbing to advanced cancer, to pursue his passion for music. His first salvo includes the current submission, So Naïve, a protest song of hope inspired by the tumultuous year of 2020. Two more songs have been completed and mastered, “Ammunition” and “Lookin’ out for Lina”, and these will be available for review in the coming weeks. They are more traditional, straight ahead rockers.

Shaun Quixote, inspired by his wayward namesake, is on a quest to bring to the world the music of his youth–music where the guitar is up front, the production involves real instruments, and the lyrics have meaning. He has felt the current world of pop music a bit wanting, very rarely producing music with soul or fire. He is convinced, rightly or wrongly, that there is a whole world out there of music fans similarly afflicted with this longing, both bably boomers and gen-Xers, whose ears need the sound of the guitar back in their music.

SOURCE: Official Bio