1. Millennial Love The New Nostalgia 4:50

The New Nostalgia has released their new single titled ‘Millennial Love’. Starting out of the gate as a harmonious bundle of energy, ‘Millennial Love’ writes it’s signature in the proverbial book of #indie with a glorious smash of a track that displays a consistent hook while retaining that certain something showcasing the originality of The New Nostalgia.

Nostalgia can be timeless. And, in this case, it is.

About The New Nostalgia

The New Nostalgia are Patrick McCallion (vocals, guitar), James Sands (guitar), Sam Bramhall (bass guitar) and Charles Adey (drums). Their reflective and aggressive sound was born on the streets of Amsterdam when four old university friends tried to comprehend the existential haze of their mid-twenties.

The band has performed shows across the UK and The Netherlands, including a stage headline set at Long Division Festival and sold-out shows in Amsterdam (including a socially distanced unplugged set in the main hall at Paradiso). They were also finalists in the NME and DIY Magazines Best Unsigned UK Bands contest for Mad Cool Festival. With haunting lyrics that will get under your skin, The New Nostalgia is questioning what it means to be young at heart in a Post-Brexit world.

About ‘Millenial Love’

British four-piece The New Nostalgia have announced the release of new single Millennial Love, which is available November 6th. The song follows recent singles Fragile Bones and Nothing Is New and is taken from their upcoming debut record. Fans of The New Nostalgia will be familiar with their powerful anthemic alternative rock, and Millennial Love is no exception. The track is a feel-good moment for the band, a song about falling in love in your mid-twenties and building a life together despite not having the economic stability afforded to previous generations.

Lead singer Patrick McCallion says:

“We discovered Millennial Love very organically, writing the track at a rapid pace backstage after a show in Amsterdam. We recorded it months later at Elevator Studios in Liverpool when lockdown restrictions were briefly relaxed and it was a truly joyous experience. It was the first time I’d seen the boys in months and it was the first truly happy song that we’ve recorded. I think that that excitement and delight comes across on the record, an explosion of relief to finally be back doing what we love again.”

Millennial Love was recorded at Elevator Studios, Liverpool, and was produced by Tom Roach (The Zutons, Queen Zee, Vistas). Mastering was done by Pete Maher (Lana Del Rey, U2, Jack White) and the music video was directed by lead singer Patrick McCallion.