1. Chemical Haircut Shimasu 3:47

Shimasu is a songwriter & producer who crafts soulful electronic pop, defined by lush synths, layered vocals and detailed production. e is currently located in a sleepy Hertfordshire town and having been previously known for more experimental electronic music, he now focuses on making music which reflects his pop sensibilities.

Since reinventing himself with the release of his new single ‘Chemical Haircut’, he aims to be more carefree with writing and releasing music. He has always felt weighed down by his perfectionism, so much so, over the past 2 years he’s really struggled with coming to terms with who he is as an artist.

His music has previously received airplay on BBC Introducing in the West and BBC Bristol.

Shimasu isn’t a natural singer and doesn’t try to be. By using his voice in his music he feels like he’s taken his writing progress back to the time he wrote his first piece of music, over 10 years ago.

It feels like playing a new instrument for the first time and he now rides on the unexpected & unexplored to keep that feeling of excitement in his creative process.

SOURCE: Official Bio