Random Dudes has released their new album titled ‘Pizza ’79’. Coming off as pure and decadent slacker rock, there is a lot more going on with that quirky personality and way about the album that lends itself to that curious and endearing quality about it that says this is cool. And, it’s cool because it’s simple and honest. And that’s what all good music is. Let it find a way into your head and give it a chance to become a memory.

About Random Dudes

Random Dudes is the recording project of Roland Sonnabend, who graduated as a master student of french conceptual artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf. The band’s style moves somewhere between playful, jangly art rock, indie rock, bedroom pop, lo-fi and alternative.

After the band’s founding in 2018 and the release of their first slackery EP “Whaddup Dude?!” finally their first full length “Pizza ’79” is on its way, just after the release of two more singles in early 2022 called “Baby You Will Love Me” and “What We Were Talking About”.

The 10 track album was recorded with Timo Pieper (Lead-Guitar), Niklas vom Bauer (Bass), Max Klobusch (Drums) and Jon Rui partly at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf and partly in its rivaling city Cologne. The title refers to the Cologne pizza place where they ordered tortellini while working on the recordings. At the same time it is humorously alluding to classic titles like Bryan Adam’s “Summer of ’69” or Ween’s “Freedom of ’76”, creating a timeless and nostalgic moment supported by the karate style album cover which adapts aesthetics of 1980’s photoshoots. The songs that remind of influences like Pavement or a more upbeat Velvet Underground deal with love, communication and growing up in times of late capitalism.