Sonic Sovereign is a product of Detroit, MI. Our streets are flooded with the gritty rush of Eddie Hazel’s guitar, the Funk Brothers’ gliding grooves, and an un-imagined future born out of techno. Detroit’s proprietary brand of Rock and Roll spills out of every club. It’s impossible to grow up in here without developing an insatiable taste for the music made in Detroit, but Josh Schmidt and Mike Lucca had a mind to forge it. Josh is the man with all the answers because there are none. He has confronted demons most could never endure. That battle within can whip up the simplest musical foundation into an adrenaline rush. Mike Lucca truly lives and breathes music.

You can count on him to fan the flames on any style of jam we stumble into. No guitar stands a chance against his creative mind. Nothing can keep up! Like Shelby and Ford, their partnership produced a high output and high-quality portfolio; enough to build a lifelong legacy. A band is only as good as its drummer though, and Tony Monteleone rode in with his wisdom and a vast amount of experience. His ability to stay cool under fire is rare. Many have tried, but he was the only drummer capable and with the precision required to keep us grooving and keep them moving. As the final component, Warren Minarik brought encyclopedic knowledge of details and song structure that came with years working in cover bands. He can find a surprise lurking around every 16 bars. Inspired by classic rock and modern rock alike, Sonic Sovereign delivers an interesting fusion of rock mastery. To everyone everywhere, wherever you are on the map, welcome to Sonic Sovereign.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Joshua L. Schmidt – vocals/guitar/tambourine
Mike Lucca – lead guitar
Warren Minarik – bass
Tony Monteleone – drums